National Art Honor Society Students Participate in the Memory Project

By Rhea Lalangan '22

By Anapaula Rios Miranda '21

Twenty-three members of the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) created portraits of children in Cameroon for The Memory Project, a nonprofit organization that aspires to create a kinder world through art. The NAHS members made a drawing or painting of a child from a photograph. The artwork, which is anonymous in order to protect all the participants, will be delivered in person to the children in Cameroon this year by the Memory Project team. The Memory Project was founded in 2004 by Ben Schumaker who was inspired by children in a Guatemala orphanage where he worked. The program connects students with children who face substantial challenges around the world. The portraits are gifts that serve as positive and heartfelt memories and build feelings of international friendship and solidarity. They help the children feel valued, show them that many people care about their wellbeing, and provide them with a special childhood memory for the future.

"By facilitating the creation and delivery of heartfelt artwork from youth to youth throughout the world, we strive to break cultural barriers, bring joy to children facing challenges, inspire creativity, and build a kinder world."