OLP Blood Drive: Every Drop Counts

Every Drop Counts
By Katie-Marie Zickert ‘20

Helping the Dear Neighbor and giving back to the community are two of the many ways the OLP Blood Drive strives to make a difference. Each fall and spring semester, students, teachers and the local community come together to donate blood in the San Diego Blood Bank “bloodmobile.” On September 26, we received a total of 24 units, saving 72 lives. Think of all the friends, neighbors and loved ones living healthy and happy lives today thanks to the support of the OLP community! It is through this rewarding service that we are truly able to live out the CSJ charism of “loving the Dear Neighbor” and helping those in need.

The blood drive would not be made possible without the hard work of our club leaders, our moderator Ms. Gibbs, volunteers, and most importantly, the donors. Ms. Gibbs has taught us that it is never too early to start planning. A month or two before the actual event, we meet to plan informational meetings for volunteers, contact a San Diego Blood Bank representative, and advertise for the blood drive. As we come closer to the big day, we work to secure shifts for volunteers and sign up donors. We teach the volunteers how to check-in donors and explain how to fill out waivers. On the day of the event, we look forward to meeting those who have so generously decided to give blood. Every drop counts, and we are so very grateful for each and every one of our donors.

In the wise words of Mrs. Conroy, “A blood shortage anywhere hurts everywhere.” With the recent deluge of natural disasters across our country, blood donations are needed more than ever. Even though many of us are unable to donate blood ourselves, it is through our volunteering at the blood drive that we are able to contribute to an ever-present necessity. Being part of the OLP blood drive is the most gratifying experience because the team members work together towards something far greater than ourselves in an effort to give back to the community and save lives.

If you are interested in donating but missed the fall blood drive, don’t worry because there will be another in the spring. Stay tuned for details in upcoming enewsletters.

Photos by Valeria Boyance ’18 and Andrea Valle ’18