OLP Cheer Information

The Academy’s Cheer Informational Meeting Agenda
Casey Popp – Head Coach [email protected]
Laura Rodriguez – Cheer Advisor [email protected]

1. COMMITMENT- the OLP cheerleaders cheer for any and all OLP athletic teams that request them. Typically that is JV and Varsity Basketball and various other sports during playoffs. We also have multiple rallies and events the girls are asked to perform/participate in. In addition, we cheer for all St. Augustine JV and Varsity football and basketball games. A select group of ladies will participate in rallies/events cSaints requests. We are a competitive cheer team as well. We travel and compete at 5 to 7 events as far as Las Vegas. All of these activities are required as a member of OLP cheer. To make all of these commitments appear seamlessly handled, we practice 4 to 5 days a week. Being a master of time management is key to any member of OLP cheer. This is a major commitment and should not be attempted unless the athlete is fully capable of the commitment.

2. ACADEMICS AND CHARACTER- as a member of OLP cheer it is mandatory to maintain a GPA of 2.0. A GPA of 2.0-2.5 will be viewed as at risk and certain additional events and activities will not be offered to any athlete in this range. As all students at OLP are expected to hold themselves to a certain standard, it is magnified for our cheer athletes as we serve as ambassadors at Saints and as leaders within our student body. Any questionable choices will be brought to their, and your, attention immediately. Exceptional character and outstanding is mandatory at all times. This is in and out of uniform and especially on social media.

3. PLACEMENT AND TEAMS- placement to our program will be evaluated at Tryouts April 15-17. Upon making the team we form a JV and Varsity team. We simultaneously form a Silver and Blue competition team. All Freshman and Sophomores are placed on JV and Juniors and Seniors are placed on Varsity. Any Freshman and Sophomores that are placed on the Silver competition team will also gain Varsity status for games. The Blue team competes as a JV team and the Silver team competes as a Varsity in a higher division of difficulty.

4. ASSOCIATED COST- the athletes participate in cheer all 12 months and have a number of uniform and outfitting needs. Full Uniform set, including warm ups, jerseys and other items of need. They attend a residential camp in August at the Sheraton Mission Valley. The athletes are taught multiple pieces of custom choreography and full competition routines. An expert staff is assembled to assure our athletes are safe and receiving the absolute best training available. They a nationally recognized and defending State Championship team that will travel and battle it out again this season. A new member can set up payments to be worked into their school payment or pay the full amount before the end of May. $3695 is a brand new member and $2895 is the amount for a returner, as some outfitting is the same from year to year.

5. TRAVEL & CARPOOLING- I strongly suggest you get to know your athletes teammates and families. We travel a lot and carpooling is important. It is set up amongst the parent group so, do not be shy to introduce yourself once our email group is set up on April 2nd.

6. PRACTICES- I’ve attached a calendar to help scheduling for your athlete. We are working on moving a majority of practices onsite to OLP. Potentially 1 practice a week will take place at CheerForce San Diego in El Cajon near Parkway Plaza Mall. Plan on having some sort of cheer commitment 4 to 5 days a week. Once school starts Friday Mornings will always be 6:20am-7:50am in the Event Center, so 3 to 4 game/practice commitments a week. Some will be full competition routine practices and some will be light game material review. I am hoping to have a Master Calendar with comp travel dates and full practice schedule out to all athletes before Finals.

7. Q & A