Refugee Crisis Fundraiser Next Week

We will be fundraising for the refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East next week. On Tuesday, October 13 and Thursday, October 15 we will be having bake sales hosted and all proceeds will be donated to Catholic Relief Services for refugee services. Please encourage your daughters to save their spare change so we can raise as much money as possible to support the refugees!

As Pope Francis reminds us, “As a Church we should remember that in tending the wounds of refugees… we are putting into practice the commandment of love that Jesus bequeathed to us when he identified with the foreigner and with all the innocent victims of violence. [Refugees] are human people… who are appealing for solidarity and assistance, who need urgent action but also and above all understanding and kindness. God is good, let us imitate God.”

To donate directly to Catholic Relief Services or to find out more information about Catholic Relief Service’s Response to the refugee crisis visit: