Renaissance Fair 2017 Awards

As a part of their course study in English I and English I Honors, the class of 2020 researched the Renaissance Era, and more specifically, Shakespeare’s England. In groups, the girls investigated the specific elements of Renaissance culture, society and history.  On January 31, the girls participated in an interactive faire presenting their findings to faculty judges, staff, big sisters and guests. The faire was action-packed with monologues from members of the class of 2019, a photo opportunity with Queen Elizabeth, Elizabethan dancing, and a string ensemble performance. This year’s faire was one for the books.

Inventions and Technology: Felizsa-Jayde Tria, Ashley Yeatts, Katie-Marie Zickert

The Globe Theatre: Sami Kennedy, Paulina Castillo, Hannah Mier y Teran

The Role of Women in Elizabethan London: Katie Evans, Sarah Callahan, Valeria Dominguez, Maria Ines Acosta

Bubonic Plague (tie): Hannah Wilfahrt, Jenna Beck, Izabella Velazquez

Class Distinctions in Elizabethan London: Cecy Reyes Flores, Paola Leal, Isabel Wallace, Ella Brazil

Elizabethan Fashion: Sofia Ortiz-Calva, Jackie Rahimzadeh, Michelle Rickwa

Alchemy (tie): Natalie Manlongat, Emily Grygar, Lilly Connolly

Shakespeare: Ashley Findley, Felicia Pena, Kyla Osborne, Melanie Morrison

Elizabethan Food: Claire McNamara, Alanna Hine, Katie Jordan

Alchemy (tie): Madeleine Chronister, Annie Pehrson, Kat Greene

Queen Elizabeth: Emma Rens, Elena Ruth, Kaitlyn Coons

Bubonic Plague (tie): Julia Nock, Alazar Parker, Valerie Carrillo

Elizabethan Art: Jenelle Cedillo, Mary Cardenas, Mia Soto

Leisure and Sports in Elizabethan London: Alex Hornick, Kekoa Ulufanua, Delaney Sousa