September 2016 eNewsletter: zSpace Visits OLP

Banner zSpace

By Samantha League, Communications Coordinator

On Wednesday, August 31, 2016, students and parents had the opportunity to test out cutting-edge virtual reality technology called zSpace! This amazing technology, which enables natural interaction with virtual holographic 3D imagery, is already being used by top universities across the nation, including UCSD and Stanford. If adopted, OLP will be the first K-12 school in San Diego and the nation’s first all-girls school to use the platform.

zSpace allows you to explore the world in a virtual 3D environment. Students wear glasses to see the 3D images and use a stylus pen to interact with objects on screen. One of the best parts about zSpace is that it offers a shared experience: students can work in groups and witness the same image as long as they are wearing the glasses.

The software allows you to flip objects around, pull them “out of the screen” for a closer look and even dissect them. A few students “dissected” the Earth while another group flipped over the Washington Monument to see a new angle. The stylus also vibrates during certain experiences so you can “feel” things: like a beating heart, for example.

zSpace incorporates lesson plans and free play. Teachers can ask questions directly through the software so students can answer them as they move through an exercise. The free play mode is intended for pure exploration and creativity – artists can even print out their 3D images with a 3D printer!

zSpace has the ability to revolutionize learning in mathematics, science, engineering, social studies, technology and global studies. As we look to prepare our students for an ever-changing world marked by increased global competition, rapidly-evolving technological systems and expectations for innovation and creativity, our educational programs have to shift in order to ensure our students are ready for the challenges they will experience beyond college and into their career.

For 134 years, OLP has been committed to providing a rigorous education for our young women marked by excellence, and we are poised to adopt this state-of-the-art technology to bridge tomorrow’s tools with today’s classroom.