September Enews: Junior Ambassador Orientation

The Junior Ambassador program has been giving students the opportunity to learn about different colleges, speak to representatives, put a face to their application, and help out their OLP sisters with all of the scary things that come along with applying to college. On August 20 & 21, last year’s Junior Ambassadors (JAs), officially became Senior mentors and assisted Head College Counselor Mrs. Wyatt in training the newest members to the team! These new members were more than ready to learn and take on their roles! Having had to go through an application and interview process, 15 girls were chosen as the most fitted young ladies for this role from their class. This year’s new Jr. Ambassador representatives are: Madeline Alexander, Cassie Anderson, Ximena Aragon, Maria Balistreri, Erin Berg, Hannah Lawson, Rachel Lorge, Isabel Lozano, Spencer McVeigh, Amanda Moreno, Sasha Ramirez, Gabrielle Ripa, Savannah Sheena, and Samantha Trescott.

These ladies got to know each other through some creative ice-breakers led by the Head Junior Ambassador, Claire Westermeyer, and were also shown examples of good and bad college representative interviews. All of the girls excelled in this area and seemed very eager to start. Giving them some last pieces of advice and telling them fun stories, the Senior Mentors (Olivia Alves, Julianne Arellano, Nicole Black, Megan Cali, Abby Engle, Marisa Gomez, Laura Handy, Maria Hernandez, Ana Cecilia Larroque, Lindsay Magee, Natalie Panigall, Priscilla Posada-Pedrin, Torrey Schenewerk, and Claire Westermeyer) left the Junior Ambassadors to their last portion of training with Mrs. Wyatt. They are going to be amazing college ambassadors for the OLP community!