Virtual Learning

OLP is proud to be the first all girls’ school in Southern California and the first school in San Diego County to bring zSpace Virtual Reality (VR) technology to campus. Wearing special glasses and using a stylus to manipulate 3-D graphics on the screen, students are afforded the ability to learn visually while interacting with a vast catalog of course material. The software allows you to flip objects around for unprecedented views, pull them out of the screen for a closer look and dissect them. Students can move through exercises independently or collaborate with one another, fostering teamwork and a unique, shared experience.

This state-of-the-art VR technology has limitless applications in the classroom, and is already being used by top universities across the nation, including UCSD and Stanford. zSpace also incorporates a free play mode, which is designed for pure exploration and creativity. 

The zSpace Lab is located in Aquinas. Ask to see it on your next tour of campus.

zSpace Demo: Pulling Items Out of the Screen

zSpace Demo: Dissecting the Earth