Student Spotlight: Eileen Reh ’18

Student Spotlight: Eileen Reh ’18

Helping Kids Learn Through Tutores del Barrio

By Carter White, Campus Ministry

This year, OLP began to foster a relationship with Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in their after-school tutoring program, Tutores del Barrio. Focusing on English-language literacy skills for children in Barrio Logan that have fallen behind grade level, this program is only possible with the support of patient volunteers. In the past three months, over a dozen OLP students have offered their time and support to these children.

One OLP student in particular has demonstrated a remarkable level of dedication to this program: Eileen Reh ‘18. Eileen has volunteered with Tutores del Barrio every day after school since the program began in September, offering over 70 hours of her time to develop relationships with the children and working with them on positive learning strategies. She has been a reliable source of support and encouragement for the kids that she works with, many of whom are frustrated with school and need special attention to stay engaged.

In addition to helping the children, Eileen has been a vital support to the coordinators of the program, offering input on the direction of the program and assistance in recruiting other volunteers. Thanks to her efforts, this tutoring program has become the site of a wonderful partnership between OLP and OLG as well as a comfortable space for the children to play and learn. Eileen is a well-known, well-loved presence to the entire community of Tutores del Barrio. She has gone above and beyond in her service to the Dear Neighbor.