Update for Seniors

We hope you are doing well and are navigating through college application season. We understand this is a complicated process and are here to help. Now that the early action deadline has passed (Nov 1 for many schools), here are some important reminders:

1. Test Scores — if your daughter’s school is a self-reporting school, this means you do not need to send official test scores from College Board (SAT) or the ACT website until she is accepted. If they are NOT a self-reporting school, then you will need to send scores from the test websites in order for the school to evaluate the applications. OLP does not send scores.

**Check each school’s website to determine if self-reporting scores are optionalThis website serves as a guide for schools who accept self-reported scores, but the colleges’ websites are most accurate. Or contact their admissions office.

***CSU and UCs require official test scores to be sent

2. Financial Aid — for many early action or priority deadlines, colleges will want the FAFSA and/or CSS Profile early, which could be as early as November.

**CSS Profile is used for some private schools. Check their website to see if any of your daughter’s schools are on it and check the school’s website for deadline.

***FAFSA is used by all schools. General deadline is March 1, but many schools require it to be sent early. Check school’s website for deadline. The earlier, the better is what we advise.

3. The senior presentation Counseling presented to the Class of 2020 earlier this semester has useful links and information for your reference.

Please watch the video of our Financial Aid Night if you missed it!