Virtual Academy

The Academy of Our Lady of Peace is excited to accept students from across the nation into our newly launched Virtual Academy. The OLP Virtual Academy will give girls access to an exemplary OLP education from anywhere in the U.S. 

What is the OLP Virtual Academy?
The Virtual Academy is OLP’s distance learning educational program, which provides an unparalleled all-girls’ education from anywhere in the nation. Unlike traditional online learning, students in the Virtual Academy will participate in live synchronous classes with access to all of OLP’s exceptional faculty members. Because classes are live, Virtual Academy students will enjoy a sense of community by learning alongside local students. Physical classrooms are equipped with Swivl technologies that allow students to actively engage in the learning experience of the classroom remotely. 

How does this work for students outside of San Diego?
Virtual Academy students participate in live synchronous classes alongside local students with a daily set schedule. The classes run based on the Pacific Standard Time (PST). 

What is the class schedule?
A full course load for an OLP student consists of six classes using a block schedule (80-minute courses), with three classes each day. Zero Block gives students another opportunity to take an additional course. Students who don't sign up for G Block or Zero Block courses do not have synchronous classes during that allotted time. We encourage you to review our Roadmap to Reopening for sample schedules depending on which phase of school opening (due to COVID) we are in. 

What is the cost to enroll?
The OLP Virtual Academy provides the same experience as on-campus learning. Tuition for the Virtual Academy is the same as in-person learning. In any given year, OLP is committed to offering tuition assistance with the goal of making an OLP education available to any girl who wants one and we are committed to working with each individual family’s needs. 

What grade levels can apply?
All grade levels are welcome to apply. Learn more about transfer acceptance and requirements by contacting our Office of Admissions at [email protected].

Can I apply anytime?
Students are encouraged to apply ASAP for the first semester. Contact our Office of Enrollment Management at [email protected].

Please contact our Office of Enrollment Management at [email protected] to learn more and apply.

Ready to Apply?
Contact our Office of Enrollment Management at [email protected] to learn more.