World Languages Textbooks

World Languages Textbook Information

French I, II, III, III Honors and Spanish I, II, III, III Honors
Students do not have to purchase a printed textbook. Instead, they are required to purchase the online edition with additional resources. The online edition comes with a variety of online, interactive resources including the student workbook, an interactive reader, access to authentic audio and video resources and much more. The cost of the online edition and additional online resources is $20.70.

To purchase the online edition please click here. Once there, simply click on “order books”, select the course and click “continue.

Once the online code has been purchased there is no need to do anything else. The teacher will set up the class and will provide the students with information on how to access the class (using the access code) on the first day of school.

If a student still wants a printed textbook they can purchase one. Below is the information for the printed textbook. Remember this is optional.

Course Number Course Name ISBN # Title Author or Publisher
512/513 French I 9780547871790.00 Bien Dit French 1 HOLT McDougal
514/515 French II 9780547871677.00 Bien Dit French 2 HOLT McDougal
516/517 French III 9780547871691.00 Bien Dit French 3 HOLT McDougal
540/541 French III Honors* 9780547871691.00 Bien Dit French 3 HOLT McDougal
500/501 Spanish I 9780547871912.00 Avancemos! Level 1 HOLT McDougal
502/503 Spanish II 9780547871936.00 Avancemos! Level 2 HOLT McDougal
504/505 Spanish III 9780547871929.00 Avancemos! Level 3 HOLT McDougal
528/529 Spanish III Honors* 9780547871929.00 Avancemos! Level 3 HOLT McDougal

Spanish for Heritage Learners and American Sign Language
These two courses, Spanish for Heritage Learners and American Sign Language, do require the purchase of a textbook. Here is the textbook information for these two courses. They are both available for purchase from

Course Number Course name ISBN # Title Publisher
536/537 Spanish Heritage Learners 9780078620034.00 El Espanol para nosotros, Level 2 Glencoe Spanish
538/539 American Sign Language 9781881133209.00 Master ASL! One (textbook and DVD) Jason E. Zinza

AP French Language, AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish Literature
AP French Language:
This textbook is now available for purchase. You must purchase the book with the supersite code. You may purchase the hardcover book, an e-book or an online edition. All three options include the supersite code. Please click here to make your purchase.

Course Number Course Name ISBN# version Title Publisher
530/531 AP French Language 978-1-68004-034-0 Hardcover format Themes Vista Higher Learning
978-1-68004-030-2 Digital format (e-book -ipad)
978-1-68004-028-9 Digital format (online edition)

AP Spanish Language: This book is available for purchase from:

Course Number Course name ISBN # Title Publisher
508/509 AP Spanish Language 9780078742477.00 Galeria de arte y vida Glencoe Spanish

AP Spanish Literature: No textbook required. The teacher will provide materials.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Leticia Oseguera, World Languages Department Chair, [email protected]