Faculty and Staff Directory

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Rivka Bent

Ms. Rivka Bent

Interim Director of Marketing and Communications

Sally Boettger

Ms. Sally Boettger

Physical Education Department Chair

Tory Brown

Ms. Tory Brown

Visual & Performing Arts Department

Kristen Busch

Ms. Kristen Busch

Social Studies Department

Krystle Cabrera

Mrs. Krystle Cabrera

English Department | Head Sand Volleyball Coach

Manuel Carranza

Mr. Manuel Carranza

Long Term Substitute: World Languages & Mathematics Department

James Cooney

Mr. James Cooney

Mathematics Department

Kelly Culver

Mrs. Kelly Culver

Visual & Performing Arts Department | Head Dance Team Coach

Molly Cunningham

Ms. Molly Cunningham

Mathematics Department

Emily Devereaux

Mrs. Emily Devereaux

Social Studies Faculty

Anne-Marie Dicce

Dr. Anne-Marie Dicce

Visual & Performing Arts Department

Jamie Flannery

Mrs. Jamie Flannery

English Department | ASB Moderator

Shiva Gholami

Ms. Shiva Gholami

Director of Technology

Aarón González

Mr. Aarón González

Interim Assistant Head of School

Shawn Hanley

Ms. Shawn Hanley

Social Studies Department

Monica Hickey

Ms. Monica Hickey

Social Media and Digital Content Coordinator

Karina Higginbotham

Ms. Karina Higginbotham

Executive Assistant Office of the Assistant Head of School

Elsi Hildebrand

Mrs. Elsi Hildebrand

Student Services Support Staff

Nelson Kim

Mr. Nelson Kim

Informational Technologist & Registrar

Alma Kim-Carranza

Mrs. Alma Kim-Carranza

World Languages Department Chair

Jeff Kirschbaum

Mr. Jeff Kirschbaum

Theology Department | Head Varsity Golf Coach

Alison Knoll

Mrs. Alison Knoll

Assistant Principal for Campus Life

Arielle Lugn

Ms. Arielle Lugn

Counseling Department

Stefini Ma’ake

Ms. Stefini Ma’ake

Science Department Chair

Brigid Malheiros

Mrs. Brigid Malheiros

World Languages Department

Ryan Martin-Spencer

Mr. Ryan Martin-Spencer

Director of Mission Integration

Chris Moeller

Mr. Chris Moeller

Social Studies Department | Basketball Coach

Mona Moucharrafie

Ms. Mona Moucharrafie

Administrative Assistant & COVID Lead

Inez Odom

Mrs. Inez Odom

Strategic Initiatives and Research partner

Sara Osmus

Ms. Sara Osmus

Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction

Tim Paluso

Mr. Tim Paluso

STEM Department Chair | Mathematics Department | Head JV Golf Coach | Varsity Soccer Asst. Coach

Colleen Prantil

Mrs. Colleen Prantil

Front Office Receptionist

Nicole Rayner

Mrs. Nicole Rayner

World Languages Department

Gilberto Moreno Sánchez

Mr. Gilberto Moreno Sánchez

Media and Video Production Director | World Languages Department | PTV Moderator

Kara Stanton

Ms. Kara Stanton

Payroll, HR/Benefits Coordinator

Heather Tiegs

Heather Tiegs

Visual & Performing Arts Department

Justin Tracy

Mr. Justin Tracy

Visual & Performing Arts Department | Drama Director

Sabrina Vasconcelos

Mrs. Sabrina Vasconcelos

World Languages Department

Kaila Weedman

Miss Kaila Weedman

Associate Director of Institutional Advancement

Carolyn Williams

Mrs. Carolyn Williams

Social Studies Department | Head JV Soccer Coach

Katie Wilson

Mrs. Katie Wilson

Service Learning & Retreats Director | Head JV Lacrosse Coach

Jackson Wyatt

Mr. Jackson Wyatt

World Languages Department