In partnership with our Domusstudio architects and Johnson & Jennings contractors, Phase I of Boundless ensured a "green build." Green build refers to ensuring environmentally responsible and resource-efficient processes throughout a building's life-cycle: from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, etc.

Biophilic design, like the OLP logo below, was incorporated throughout Navarra Hall as research shows connectivity with nature influences student achievement. Our new facilities also feature several water bottle fill-up stations, calling our students to reduce their use of plastic bottles and encourage the use of reusable water bottles. Interior renovations also focused on bringing natural light into the classrooms and hallways by repairing old windows to be fully operable and minimize head transference along with adding mechanical blinds for ease of access.

Part of the CSJ Calls to Action is Communion Within the Earth Community. The incorporation of green build, biophilic design, water fill up stations, and natural lighting allow our students to connect more deeply with Earth.

Biophilic Design

Water Bottle Station

CSJ Calls to Action Excerpt

WE BELIEVE that Creation is a sacred trust given to the whole Earth community.

THEREFORE, WE COMMIT ourselves individually and collectively to ask in every deliberation, “How does this decision/action impact the Earth community?” We do this to raise our awareness and change our behaviors.

WE BELIEVE in the interdependence of humanity and nature in the whole Earth community, and recognize our harmful impact.

THEREFORE, WE COMMIT ourselves to simplify our lifestyles through specific, measurable actions regarding water, climate change, food, consumption, and waste, taking into consideration local realities and concerns.

Read the full CSJ Calls to Action