Sport Coach Email
Track & Field Head Maurice Douglas [email protected]
Track & Field Asst  Kirsten Jackson [email protected]
Track & Field Asst Rolan Reyes [email protected]
Track & Field Asst Twantonette Wesley-Smith [email protected]
Swim & Dive Harrison Trubitt [email protected]
Swim and Dive Asst Therese Ackman [email protected]
Softball Varsity Jim Davis [email protected]
Softball Asst Kyra Davis [email protected]
Softball Asst Kristen Busch [email protected]
Lacrosse Head Varsity Hannah Cognetti [email protected]
Archery Edward Lucero [email protected]
Sand Volleyball Krystal Cabrera [email protected]
Sand Volleyball Megan Penolio [email protected]


Sport Coach Email
Basketball JV Ryan Martin-Spencer [email protected]
Basketball Novice Joseph Kennedy [email protected]
Basketball Varsity Head Chris Moeller [email protected]
Basketball Varsity Asst Chris McComic [email protected]
Soccer Frosh TBD
Soccer JV Head Carolyn Williams [email protected]
Soccer Jv Asst Samantha Witczak [email protected]
Soccer Varsity Head Kevin Soares [email protected]
Soccer Varsity Asst Tim Paluso [email protected]
Waterpolo JV TBD
Water Polo Varsity Chuy Davila [email protected]


Sport Coach Email
Surf TBD
Surf Asst TBD
Equestrian Siobhan MacManus [email protected]
Dance Kelly Marshall [email protected]
Dance Tory Brown [email protected]
Cheer Varsity Casey Popp [email protected]
Cheer JV Eric Claxton [email protected]


Sport Coach Email
Cross Country Head Valerie Thorpe [email protected]
Cross Country Asst Dan Boyle [email protected]
Golf Varsity Head Jeff Kirschbaum [email protected]
Golf JV Head Tim Paluso [email protected]
Tennis Varsity Head Maria Morgan [email protected]
Tennis Varsity Asst TBD
Tennis JV Deniz Guzeldere [email protected]
Tennis JV Asst Alondra Downey [email protected]
Volleyball Varsity TBD
Volleyball Varsity Asst Christopher Shaffer [email protected]
Volleyball JV Danielle Nederend [email protected]
Volleyball JV Asst Kristen Busch [email protected]
Volleyball Frosh Mary-Kate Catton [email protected]


If you are interested in joining our team, please send your resume to [email protected]