Spring Sing

Spring Sing—a musical production exclusively run by students—is a 50-year-old tradition that promotes leadership, creativity, sisterhood and friendly competition among the classes. It is a spectacular show not to be missed!

This year's Spring Sing, Stories Untold, is the 52nd Anniversary! The event will be held at the San Diego Civic Theatre on Friday, March 11, 2022 at 7:00 pm.

This beloved OLP tradition has been celebrated by our community for decades and remains one of the most memorable events of the year. Our production this year will be held at the beautiful San Diego Civic Theatre, which provides an incredible opportunity for our students to perform on a grand stage. It is truly incredible to witness an evening-length production created and directed entirely by students. Their creativity year after year is impressive, and this year will be no exception. Students write the script, hold auditions, direct the actors, choreograph the dances, coach the chorus, design the costumes, build the props, and everything else in between! The skills they learn from their leadership experiences are invaluable, and the memories they take away from Spring Sing will last a lifetime.

2020 Spring Sing: Game Night

Overall Winners of Spring Sing 2020: Senior Class of 2020
Overall Best of Show: Seniors, "Ice Ice Baby"

Best Props: Sophomores
Best Script: Sophomores
Best Costume Design: Frosh
Best Acting: Seniors
Best Chorus: Juniors
Best Dancing: Seniors
Best Singing: Seniors
Best Theme: Sophomores

Best of Show for Frosh: "Dead Man's Party"
Best of Show for Sophomores: "Wannabe"
Best of Show for Juniors: "Freedom"
Best of Show for Seniors: "Ice Ice Baby"

2019 Spring Sing: A Night at the Museum

Overall Winners of Spring Sing 2019: Senior of 2019
Overall Best of Show: Juniors, "Cell Block Tango"

Best Props: Frosh
Best Script: Seniors
Best Costume Design: Seniors
Best Acting: Seniors
Best Chorus: Juniors
Best Dancing: Sophomores
Best Singing: Seniors
Best Theme: Juniors

Best of Show for Frosh: "I'll Be There for You"
Best of Show for Sophomores: "Don't Stop Me Now"
Best of Show for Juniors: "Cell Block Tango"
Best of Show for Seniors: "Waka Waka"

2018 Spring Sing: Where the Wild Things Are

Overall Winners of Spring Sing 2018: Junior Class of 2019
Overall Best of Show: Sophomores, "Space Oddity"

Best Props: Seniors
Best Script: Frosh
Best Costume Design: Juniors
Best Acting: Juniors
Best Chorus: Juniors
Best Dancing: Sophomores
Best Singing: Juniors
Best Theme: Seniors

Best of Show for Frosh: "Disco Inferno"
Best of Show for Sophomores: "Space Oddity"
Best of Show for Juniors: "Let it Shine" Mashup
Best of Show for Seniors: "Somewhere Beyond the Sea" Mashup