Uniform Requirements

Appearance Code

Students are expected to demonstrate good taste and modesty in their appearance, as appropriate to an educational environment. Guidelines for both uniform and non-uniform dress are listed below. All clothing must be modest and appropriate for school wear. Students found to be in violation of the dress and grooming code will receive an infraction and/or be sent home to change. This applies to uniform dress as well as non-uniform dress.

Uniform Code

Mills Uniform Company is Academy of Our Lady of Peace’s exclusive uniform supplier. Mills has served the country’s leading schools since 1947 and is committed to delivering exceptional products and service to our families. All uniform dress should be purchased directly from them. OLP-approved Spirit wear items, purchased from the on-campus or online store, may also be worn on non-formal uniform days.

Uniforms are available for purchase online through the Mills OLP webstore. Our school code is 125.

As of September 20, 2019, Mills no longer has a physical store in San Diego. There will be a San Diego Summer Pop-up store that will open in July for back-to-school shopping next summer. We will send an announcement in the spring with details on location, hours of operation, and sale events.  While the Pop-up store is closed, parents may shop online or by phone and receive free shipping on orders over $75.

Mills Uniform Company Customer Service can be reached through millswear.com or toll-free at 800-541-1850.

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Skirts: Only the Mills gray, the Mills navy blue plaid box-pleated skirt, or Mills navy blue skirt may be worn. The hem of the skirt must fall at the top of the knee or below. Skirts must sit on waists and be buttoned and zipped at all times.

Shorts: Only the navy blue or khaki Mills walking shorts may be worn. The length of the shorts follows the same length guidelines as those for skirts.

Pants: Only the Mills navy blue or Mills khaki pants may be worn.

Blouses and Polo Shirts: The all-white, tailored uniform blouse may be long or short sleeved, but it must have a button-down front and a collar. The Mills long or short-sleeved white, navy blue or gray polo shirt all with the OLP insignia and/or logo may be worn. Turtlenecks may be worn under the blouse or polo shirt and must match the color of the outer blouse/ polo shirt. On formal uniform days one’s blouses/polo shirts must be tucked in.

Sweaters & Blazers: The navy blue Mills sweater with the OLP insignia (pull-over or cardigan), the sleeveless sweater vest or the blue blazer with the OLP insignia is required for formal uniform days. The gray Mills cable cardigan is an optional sweater that can be worn on non-formal uniform days.

Sweatshirts: Only the OLP Athletic Department sweatshirts, the Mills OLP sweatshirt, or OLP approved spirit wear items may be worn. Sweatshirts may only be worn on non-formal uniform days.

Jackets: The Mills navy blue, thermopac jacket, windbreaker, the previously purchased Mills navy blue wool jacket, or the OLP athletic/cheer jacket may be worn as outerwear and in the classrooms. The school-issued team uniform jacket may be worn during the team’s season of play. Non-uniform jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts may not be worn in the classrooms and halls during the day.

Shoes: Any all-black shoe, including all black tennis shoes, that has a soft sole, soft heel, a back or back strap and cut below the ankle bone may be worn. Heels and soles on shoes can be no higher than one inch measured at any point. Only white soles, white shoe laces and white accents on tennis shoes are permitted.

Socks & Tights: Students are allowed to wear navy blue or black tights or leggings underneath their skirts. Only solid, non patterned white, navy blue, grey or black socks may be worn with the uniform.

Rain Gear: In the event of rain, rain boots and raincoats may be worn as part of the school uniform on days in which the weather report predicts rain during the hours of 6 am – 6 pm. No color limitations are associated with the rain boots. This uniform exception is limited exclusively to rain boots with rubber soles. Please keep in mind that this does not include riding boots, military combat boots or boots with heels. On rainy days only, students may wear water- resistant raincoats and water-resistant boots. Flannel jackets, ponchos, or other jackets or non-OLP sweatshirts are not allowed.

*Any item of apparel not included on the list above is not part of the uniform and may not be worn as part of the uniform.

OLP reserves the right to confiscate any items or possessions a student may bring to school which violate the school dress code or rules. Said items or possessions will be returned to the student at the end of the school day or to the parent at the discretion of the Administration.

10.2 Formal Assemblies/Liturgies

For formal assemblies and/or liturgies, students must be in complete formal uniform. Students must wear a Mills issued white blouse or OLP polo shirt with a blue long-sleeve sweater/cardigan, blue sweater vest or blue blazer with the OLP logo and either the uniform pants or a gray, blue or plaid skirt. The white blouse or OLP polo shirt must be tucked into the skirt. No school sweatshirts or letterman jackets may be worn. The formal uniform must be worn for the entire day of the Formal Assembly/Liturgy.

10.3 Non-Uniform Dress

On special occasions, including the day designated to celebrate their birthdays, students are allowed to wear non-uniform attire. Such non-uniform attire should be in keeping with the academic nature of the classroom, and should reflect good taste and appropriateness to a school setting. Non – uniform dress must meet the following standards and failure to do so could result in disciplinary action:

» All clothing must be free from tears, cuts, and holes.
» Shirts must be long enough to cover midriff.
» Backless dresses and shirts are not allowed.
» Shirts and dresses must be appropriate and should not be form fitting.
» Shirts must cover shoulders (no spaghetti, strapless, or halter tops) .
» Shoes must have a back and be close-toed. Heels larger than 2 inches are not permitted.
» Skirts and dresses must meet the length requirements for uniform skirts. » Shorts are not appropriate on Non-Uniform dress days.
» Hats are not permitted inside school buildings.

Any item of clothing or accessories bearing initials, names, symbols or advertisements representing any organization that contrasts the mission of OLP or references and/or promotes drug or alcohol use is not considered appropriate school wear.

10.4 Additional Uniform Guidelines

» Hair must be neat, clean, and combed, of a shade that ap- proximates each girl’s natural hair color and may be only one shade throughout. Shaved hair is not allowed.
» Make-up, hairstyles and jewelry are to be moderate and in good taste.
» Pierced jewelry may be worn only on the earlobes. Only one piercing per ear is permitted.
» Tattoos and inappropriate nail or lip color are not allowed.
» Spirit wear collarless T-shirts may only be worn on Fridays.

The school reserves the right at all times to determine whether or not a student is appropriately dressed and groomed.

Senior Celebrations 

A school tradition, seniors are granted special uniform privileges in celebration of their final year of attendance at the Academy. Beginning the first day of senior year, the senior class students may wear the following on non-formal uniform days:

» White Tennis Shoes
» College Sweatshirts on Wednesdays
» A Class of 2019 Senior Sweatshirt