Boundless FAQ


What is the campaign?
BOUNDLESS: The Campaign for OLP is a multi-year fundraising effort focused on capital priorities including inspired, upgraded, and flexible spaces in Aquinas Hall, St. Joseph’s Hall, and the construction of a new 20,000 square-foot library and performing arts building. The construction will be broken down into two Phases.

Phase 1 will include the interior renovation of Aquinas Hall and St. Joseph Hall over a twelve-month time period, currently scheduled to commence in June 2019. During Phase 1, student learning will continue in temporary modular classrooms housed in the current faculty/staff parking lot off Collier Avenue and Circle Drive.

Phase 2 will include the construction of a new 20,000 square-foot library and performing arts building in the existing current faculty/staff parking lot off Collier Avenue, over an eighteen-month time period, currently scheduled to commence in June 2020.

Why does OLP want to make these campus enhancements now?
As the academic programs at OLP have expanded, the school has used every square inch of our beautiful historic campus, turning basements into classrooms and closets into administrative offices.

With a legacy of excellence as our foundation, we are now at a tipping point where our infrastructure and facilities must be updated to ensure that OLP can educate girls for generations to come.

INCLUSION & ACCESS: Currently, OLP cannot educate girls or host family members with physical disabilities, as over half the campus is only accessible via stairs.

COLLABORATION: The main academic building, Aquinas Hall, has remained almost unchanged since 1927 and lacks the infrastructure to support modern, collaborative learning.

STEM: OLP’s two antiquated science labs and severely taxed electrical system pose constant obstacles and limitations to the school’s 47+ high caliber STEM programs.

ARTS: With a thriving Visual and Performing Arts program that nurtures the spiritual and social growth of all students, it is critical these courses move from makeshift areas to dedicated spaces that meet student demand and create opportunities for girls to flourish.

As we look to the future of education – and consider the world of opportunities that are not yet visible to us – OLP finds itself at a critical moment. It is imperative that we address campus infrastructure and facilities now to ensure that we are able to educate girls for generations to come.

Will the new buildings increase student enrollment at OLP?
Although this project will enhance the quality of the facilities, it will not affect student enrollment. Enrollment will remain at the level set by the City Use Permit (CUP) at a maximum of 750 students.

How long do I have to make my pledge payments?
The pledge period is typically three to five years. Annual payments may differ in amount. The school will remain flexible to help donors make the greatest impact.

Are naming opportunities available?
Yes. The Board of Directors has approved a recognition plan to acknowledge and thank our families who support the campaign.

Why are we changing the names of the buildings?
In actuality, the names of the buildings have already undergone changes even prior to the Boundless Campaign. In fact, the entire campus in its (approximately) 100 years has seen many changes as the needs of students demand upgrades and/or expansions. In the 1970s, parcels of land were sold off. Lower Plaza once was a tennis court while the Holy Family Event Center plot of land once housed a regular sized swimming pool. Back in the late 1980s, the St. Margaret’s building became what we call it still today, Qualito Hall (though several alums who boarded there remain committed to the previous moniker).

Are campaign gifts tax-deductible?
Yes. OLP is a non-profit, charitable corporation. Charitable contributions to the school are fully deductible for federal and California income, gift, and estate tax purposes.


How much will these campus enhancements cost?
Campus capital enhancements will cost an estimated $24 million. This cost covers the construction, project management, temporary transitional spaces, and fundraising.

How will the school pay for the renovations and new construction?
As part of its fiscal responsibility, the Board of Directors carefully reviewed all options for funding the capital projects. The Board has made a commitment to invest up to $14 million in combined school resources and financing toward the project.

The Board of Directors also approved a $10 million fundraising campaign to raise the remaining funds. The more we raise through the campaign, the less financial burden there will be for the school. Every dollar spent on debt service is a dollar that cannot be spent on academic programming.

Will my tuition increase as a result of the campaign?
We set the tuition at its current level to keep OLP more affordable to more families. OLP is committed to providing access to families who demonstrate a verifiable financial need. We are dedicated to making this educational experience as accessible to as many students as possible.

Doesn’t OLP get diocesan support?
OLP is an independent, non-diocesan, Catholic school.


Who is the architect?
We have engaged David Pfeifer from domusstudio to help us achieve our vision for the new facilities. We challenged the firm to help us renovate and build facilities for 21st-century education while maintaining the historical architecture of the campus.

When will construction begin?
Construction on Phase 1, the renovation of Aquinas and St. Joseph Hall, will commence on June 2019 and span one academic year. The updated buildings are tentatively scheduled to re-open in August 2020.

Phase 2, the construction of the new 20,000-square-foot library and performing arts complex, is scheduled to commence in June 2020 with an opening in January 2022.

How long will the construction take?
The renovation and modernization of Phase 1, Aquinas and St. Joseph’s Hall, will take approximately 12 months and will be the first phase of construction. During this time, the students will continue learning on campus in modular buildings located in the faculty/staff parking lot and Circle Drive. Qualiato Hall will remain open during construction.

Construction of the new 20,000 square-foot building, Phase 2, will take 18 months and will proceed after the completion of Aquinas and St. Joseph’s Hall.

    • What will the campus be like during construction?
      As we move forward with constructing the new facilities, our guiding principles are:
      Ensuring a safe learning environment with a secure perimeter including the separation of spaces for construction workers and OLP students
    • Maintaining a high-caliber learning environment for all students
    • Sequencing construction to ensure the least impact on school climate, school safety, and overall learning

We will make every effort to capitalize on vacations and summer breaks to minimize disturbances.
While Aquinas and St. Joseph’s Hall are being renovated, classes will be held in temporary modular buildings that are fully air-conditioned, ADA accessible, and equipped to meet the educational needs of our students.

Will graduation still happen on North Terrace?
Yes! All of our existing school-wide events such as Graduation and gatherings on North Terrace will remain during construction. Our goal is to maintain student gathering areas and traditions during the construction period.

Will Circle Drive still be used for drop-off and pick-up?
Yes! Over the summer, we increased the concrete driveway on Circle Drive to allow for cars to maneuver safely around the two modular buildings that will be placed on Circle Drive.

Where will the main entrance to the campus be while Aquinas is under construction?
The main entrance to the campus will be temporarily relocated to St. Catherine’s while Aquinas is under construction. All guests will still be required to check in with the receptionist. The attendance office will also be relocated to St. Catherine’s during the construction.

What will construction access be like?
At all times, areas under construction will be fenced off and inaccessible to students. Construction workers will have a separate entrance and will undergo the same background screening as all of our faculty. Construction workers will park offsite and take a shuttle to and from campus.

Where will the faculty/staff park during construction and once the new building is finished?
Faculty and staff will park in the main parking structure off Copley Avenue.

Where will the students park during construction and once the new building is finished?
Students will park on the streets surrounding OLP. Student safety remains our top priority. We will continue to work closely with our security partners to provide before- and after-school coverage around campus and in the surrounding area.

What will my daughter’s learning environment be like during the construction?
Maintaining a high-caliber learning environment for all students is one of our top priorities. St. Joseph’s and Aquinas will be closed off, and all dust and debris will be contained within those buildings. Heavy construction work will be scheduled for summer breaks and before and after school hours as much as possible.


I participated in All in for OLP. Does my Annual Fund contribution go towards these campus enhancements?
No. Gifts to the Carondelet Annual Fund are unrestricted and support our students and programs in all areas, including academics, athletics, co-curricular activities, technology, and more. Contributions to the campaign should be considered as a donation made in addition to one’s current Annual Fund support.

What is the difference between the Annual Fund and a Capital Campaign?
Our annual fundraising has a critical impact on our school. The Carondelet Annual Fund provides us with the flexibility to meet emerging needs throughout the year, as well as to fund ongoing programs like professional development for our faculty. Every gift helps to sustain the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, and we look to our entire community for support and participation.

Gifts to the capital campaign are transformative gifts that are specifically designated to fund these capital improvements or to grow the school’s endowment. Often these gifts are longer-term commitments pledged over a period of time.

When will I be asked to give to the Boundless campaign?
Capital gifts require a personal approach and are often the most significant philanthropic commitment a family has ever made. By the end of the campaign, all families will be given an opportunity to help make this vision a reality. We rely on the partnership and generosity of our alumnae, parents, past parents, trustees, grandparents, and friends to help us achieve this vision.